Parameters log using Mlflow tracking

Mlflow tracking allows you to automatically track the input arguments, parameters, and metrics of the tasks in any given flow and then visualize them on its intuitive UI.

You can enable tracking with Mlflow by setting TRACKING_IS_ACTIVE to True on soam/ MLflow runs can be recorded to local files, to a SQLAlchemy compatible database, or remotely to a tracking server. By default, the MLflow Python API logs runs locally to files in an mlruns directory wherever you ran the script that contains the flow you want to keep track of. To log runs remotely, you can set the TRACKING_URI variable on soam/ to a tracking server’s URI (as shown in the official mlflow documentation). Keep in mind that if you use file tracking uri you should use a path with a directory that does not exist, as mlflow will create it for you.

To visualize the logged runs just execute the script that contains the flow you are interested on tracking and run mlflow ui in the same directory as your script, then go to http://localhost:5000 on your browser to view the logs (if the default settings were used).

Follow this notebook to see an example on how to use this feature!